July 9, 2015

WUSB Freestyle

Another freestyle session courtesy of P-Love and Solo Vibes
featuring Pumpkinhead, L-Fudge, J-Live and Ocean (from Natural Resources).

July 1, 2015

Stretch & Bobbito 1997 (w/Nine & Third Eye)

This is a short, 30 minute, segment from Stretch & Bobbito's Boogie & the Barber (Hot 97) show with special guests Nine and Third Eye (aka Jesse West). Peace to Stretch, Bobbito, and Greg T. Also check for the release of Stretch & Bobbito cassettes through Fat Beats (currently sold out) and some fondle em' type of records newly listed on my discogs.

June 15, 2015

R.I.P. Pumpkinhead

I really dug PH's flows. I never met him, and narrowly missed DJing an event in New Brunswick where he performed. But, I remember seeing him perform somewhere and asking the crowd if they knew where he got his name from (his mom). As you've probably heard from the outpouring of tributes, he was a staple on the indie circuit and a genuinely good person. Unfortunately, as time goes by, we do way too many of these RIP posts. The following is a clip from a New York Live show on WNYU from April of 1996 featuring Pumpkinhead off the top. R.I.P. You will be missed.

June 2, 2015

Halftime 5 Year Anniversary Show

This might be one of the last radio shows I recorded on a cassette. I think I retired my double deck shortly after this. This is WNYU's Halftime Show celebrating 5 years with Doug Infinite and Jaz-O on beats, a gang of MC's, and a few battle routines from DJ A-Trak. Peace to DJ Eclipse. Update: Peace to DJ Eclipse, sending over the whole show, separated and ID'd get it while it's hot

R.I.P. Edison Record Show

All my Jersey digging heads who were wondering when the next NJ record show was going to be held, unfortunately they have been shut down. Most likely due to the cost of renting the spot, and it hasn't surfaced elsewhere. I really did well at the last one, and I thought they were gaining a bit of momentum after the article they ran after the last show. Anyway R.I.P.

May 20, 2015

New York Live May 1996 (Das Efx, Natural Elements)

Dug up this dusty, 89.1 WNYU, New York Live Show from sometime around April/May of 1996.

DJ Mayhem, A-Butta and L-Swift were fresh back from their trip to London, recording joints with the Creators as 2-Face. The rip starts off with Mayhem debuting an unmixed version of 'Hey, Hey, Hey' and then flows into a freestyle session with diggy Das Efx promoting 'Hold it Down.'

They close it out with a long freestyle session featuring A-Butta, L-Swift, AL Skills, and Quiz. This was Natural Elements off the top, at their best, flowing off the last word in each other's lines.

May 9, 2015

Wildman Steve & DJ Riz 1993

Peace to DJ Eclipse, putting up some classic NYC radio shows on his Mixcloud. This one is a Wildman Steve & DJ Riz show from March 1, 1993. Their show was on 90.3 WBAU, in Long Island, from 1990-1995 (I think). This show features an appearance from Wu-Tang Clan pre album release. There's a lengthy interview and then they kill it over Black Moon's 'Who got the Props.'

May 5, 2015

Hard 2 Obtain 'How We Do' Demo

This one is another treat courtesy of P-Love from the Solo Vibes crew. Hard to Obtain with 'How We Do,' a demo track circa 1993-1994. They use the same Isley Brothers loop BIG used for 'Big Poppa'

April 28, 2015

KRS rarities/oddities

As a fan of  music, DJ, collector, seller, I'm always researching music. Just for shits and giggles I searched 'KRS' in the popsike search engine to see which of his records sold for the highest prices. This led me to find a bunch of BDP/KRS records I had either never known about or forgotten about...

For those of you that are curious, the winner of the highest priced KRS-One record is an acetate of a double sided instrumental 12" of Jimmy/Stop The Violence which sold for an astounding $577 on ebay. The only thing exclusive on this is the 'Jimmy' Instrumental. I'm guessing the draw is that it's an acetate? You can't even play this thing more than a few times before you destroy it.

There were other instrumental test pressings that sold for quite a bit as well, including a 1 of 25 Blueprint instrumental show vinyl, and another 1 of 25 show vinyl.

Now on to the seldom heard KRS tracks...